The full-body workout for everyone

Nordic Walking was originally developed by Finnish cross country skiers as a summer training programme and is a combination of walking and cross country skiing. The careful use of poles achieves balance in the whole musculoskeletal system, making it the ideal stamina sport for young and old.

The Ötztal offers plenty of possibilities for you to increase your fitness while on a summer holiday in Austria and with Nordic walking you might just have found your perfect partner Längenfeld is the Ötztal’s centre for high-altitude exercise. Spread across approx. 120 kilometres and 18 different routes, Längenfeld is the ideal training location for running and stamina sports. From easy to difficult terrain, from level to steep inclines the network of routes has plenty to offer.

Längenfeld Running Center

The diversity of the running & nordic walking routes in Längenfeld gets everyone going, beginners as well as advanced runners alike. Easy and tricky terrain are right on each other’s heels. Längenfeld is an El Dorado for sporty holidaymakers and has a wide range of various exercise and training options to put forward. The Ötztal is Tyrol’s unique hub of high-altitude exercise.